Emília Machalová

Em, as she is known affectionatley to us, or Milka, has worked in the media for a number of years and is a co-founder of the CET. No only is she a co-translator but she was key to establishing this project. For had it not been for Em's love of Cimrman and her drive and enthusiasm to see this project come to fruition, none of this would have happened.

Brian Stewart

As you may have realised, Brian Stewart and Ben Bradshaw and are one and the same. The reasons are long and complicated, but he is a co-founder of CET as well as a published, performed playwright. His play Castro's Beard, was performed off-Broadway, then in Massachusetts and Texas and then toured the UK in 2006. His other produced plays include: All in Vein, Webbed Feat, Something Gave , Rossini! , On the Tin and Falling Star ( co-written with Rebecca Russell). He is a founding member of the Eesk Theatre Company in Prague and their last production was the hugely successful - The Regina Monologues.

Hanka Jelínková

Hanka is an author (she has written several books for children) and is a publisher of children's books ( She is also a translator (having translated several of the English author Nick Hornby’s books into Czech) and teaches English at the The Redbrick House school in Černošice ( - she is also a very important part of our team. Hanka has a great love of, and insight into, the comedy of Cimrman which is hardly surprising given that she is the daughter of Zdeněk Svěrák. In her roles as script editor, contributor and co-translator, she oversees the Cimrman translations to ensure that they adhere as closely as possible to the Czech versions.

Brian Caspe

Brian Caspe is a professional actor who plays regularly in theatre, TV, film and commercials. Motion pictures credits include Wanted, The Illusionist, Hellboy, Running Scared and Hannibal Rising. Brian also played a major supporting role in the film Unlocked, opposite John Malkovich. His most recent work is in the upcoming Amazon series Carnival Row, the pilot episode of Whiskey Cavalier for ABC, the film Jojo Rabbit, directed by Taika Waititi and the series Knightfall. Brian teaches Meisner technique which he studied in Los Angeles under Jeff Goldblum and Robert Carnegie (assistant to Mr. Meisner for 10 years)

Dagmar Caspe

Dagmar, like many Czechs of her generation, grew up listening to the Cimrman canon and loving it. She is proud to bring one of the Cimrman plays, The Act, along with Brian to a wider English audience. It was a distinct honour for her to take part in translating this wonderful work. She was also integral to the planning and execution of the "Cimrman Conquers America" tour.