The Conquest of the North Pole

Dobytí severního pólu

In December 1908 four members of the Podoli cold water swimming society set out on an expedition to conquer the North Pole. As they head bravely toward their goal, the intrepid  band of explorers must battle against  the depression of the polar night,  sub zero temperatures and a lack of food. Inevitably, tensions develop within the group. The second of the Cimrman’s comedy classics to come from the Cimrman English Theatre.

The Cast

Magistr Šofr       Ben Bradshaw                 

Václav Poustka  Michael Pitthan

Karel Deutsch     Peter Hosking

Frištenský           Curt Matthew

Beran                    Marc Cram

Adam  Stewart

Emilia Machalová and Brian Stewart with Hanka Jelínková.