The Producers

Divadelní agentura ECHO

The theatre agency ECHO was founded in 1990 by Václav Kotek who remains the director of the company. Following its inception, ECHO has become the exclusive representative of the Theatre of Jára Cimrman and other theatres and, since 2014, the Cimrman English Theatre. The agency focusses mainly on theatre but has participated in number of artistic projects that include, creative art and film. Echo also was at the birth of humanitarian child movement „Na vlastních nohou“ (On my own feet) in 1999; it‘s a charity that has provided humanitarian relief to many places in the world that are affected by war or natural disasters. ECHO still works with the charity today. In addition to being the director of ECHO, Václav has been an acting member of the Theatre of Jára Cimrman since 1973, and from 1975 its manager and you can still see him on stage to this day – quite often in the English version of The Conquest of the North Pole.