Ok, we know we are almost in the middle of January but we are sure we can still wish you a very Happy New Year and all the very best for 2020. (Incidentally, the year of the rat for those that follow the Chinese calendar.)

The start of our 2020 Spring Programme is imminent. Tickets for The Stand-In ( Záskok) are selling well and, at the time of writing, they are only six unreserved seats.  If you wanted to come but left it too late to book , remember next time: ‘Book early!

So, if you have missed The Stand-In, then why not come and see one of our other shows in the season. There are still seats available for the Pub in the Glade on February 14th – Valentine’s day. What better way to spend the one special day in the year dedicated to the celebration of love than to come and see Pub in the Glade – a truly romantic story that is lots of fun and with lots of great songs (it’s not about the singing) and dancing?

We hope to see you there!