A really big thank you to all those who came to see the  Stand-In this evening.

It was a great show and  so much fun, not only for the  audience, but the actors, too. 

However, even though it was a great show, it was sad that our usual  PRINCIPAL – Jake Zahradnik, was taken ill at short notice – yet, thankfully he is on the road to recovery.

So, as our Stand-In, we had Josh Morrison – who did a great job dealing with the script and manoeuvring a wheel-chair at the same time. [ Skills he can now add to his acting resume]

But, it was all  good practice for Josh, who will be taking on the role of PULEC in PLUM from March 8th.


It is hard to believe that we are now in our 10th year. Of course, over that time  some things have changed – but some things haven’t – we are still dealing, in an affectionate way, with diehard Czechs who think that Cimrman will never work in English. 🙂

We understand their feelings, but we are working hard , and respectfully, to prove them otherwise.

So, a new translation is near completion and  that will be performed on October 25th -[ The 10th anniversary of our first play, and premiere of the Stand-In (Záskok). ]

And which play is it? Well, all will be revealed after our production of PLUM on March 8th – so do come and join us and be the first to hear the news.

Tickets for PLUM are available by clicking on the link below.


Also, please try and arrive at the theatre at 18.15 or at 6.15pm.  Often it takes a long time to sort out tickets, get a drink at the bar etc…we just want to start promptly at 19:00 or 7pm.

SURTITLES: All of our performances have English surtitles above the stage. [ Except for the courtyard performance in August ] . This is to help our audience’s understanding and enjoyment of the show – especially those who might feel uncertain about their level of English.

The best seats to see the surtitles are in the balcony.