Another sold out performance of  The Stand-In [ Záskok].
If you missed it this time, you will be able to catch it again soon as The Cimrman English Theatre will be performing The Stand-In at the Prague Fringe Festival from 30th May – 1st June at Malostranská Beseda.
An incredible opportunity to catch a piece of Czech theatre history in the very venue in which the fictional Czech legend, Jára Cimrman,  was introduced to the world.
For tickets for Fringe performances, click on the link below.
After the Prague Fringe our next production is of PLUM  on Friday June 7th at 19:00.
Tickets available from the link below:
As announced, our new translation of that wonderful Cimrman fairy tale   – Long, Wide and Short-Sighted [ Dlouhý, Široký a Krátozraký] will be premiered on October 25th. Tickets are going fast, so if you want to be part of this momentous occasion you need to book now.
Tickets available from the link below:

Please try and arrive at the theatre at 18.15 or at 6.15pm.  Often it takes a long time to sort out tickets, get a drink at the bar etc…we just want to start promptly at 19:00 or 7pm.

SURTITLES: All of our performances have English surtitles above the stage. [ Except for the courtyard performance in August ] . This is to help our audience’s understanding and enjoyment of the show – especially those who might feel uncertain about their level of English.

The best seats to see the surtitles are in the balcony.