The Pub in the Glade

Hospoda Na mýtince

A man inherits a pub from his grandfather situated in a glade in the middle of a forest. For many years there have been no customers except for Ludvík. Then, suddenly, in one day, two new people arrive at the pub: Count Zeppelin whose airship is grounded because of a loss of gas; and an escaped convict, Kulhánek. Both wish to continue their journey until they learn that the Innkeeper has a beautiful, caring granddaughter, Růženka. who set out to town for saffron and a little bit of ginger.
The men begin to compete passionately for the affections of the innkeeper's beautiful granddaughter, Růženka. 

The Cast

Student                Ben Bradshaw                 

Professor            Peter Hosking

Kulhánek             Curt Matthew

Innkeeper           Michael Pitthan

Count Zeppelin  Adam Stewart

Peter Hosking

Emilia Machalová and Brian Stewart with Hanka Jelínková.