The Act


An artist, Žíla, and his devoted wife, Žílová,  are preparing nervously for the arrival of three guests. They are:  a teacher, Láďa; a business man and ex convict, Bedřich and Doktor Turnovský (Pepa) who specialises as a sexologist.  As they eat and drink through the evening, the reason for their invitation and the connection of the guests to their hosts and  Žíla’s nude painting of his wife  is revealed. The Act ( Akt), which is the first of the Cimrman plays and penned solely by Zdeněk Svěrák ,  is a dark, humorous look at human relationships that includes poetry and songs.

The Cast:

Žíla                                        Peter Hosking

Žílová                                    Ben Bradshaw

Láďa:                                    Curt Matthew

Bedřich                                 Gabriel Andrews

Pepa                                      Michael Pitthan

Director:                                Michael Pitthan


Brian and Dagmar Caspe  with Hanka Jelínková.